On GPB’s Lawmakers, Representative Kasey Carpenter and Representative Inga Willis talked about what’s happening with music and potential for incentives to be passed in this session. Referenced in this interview is the bipartisan findings from the Joint Georgia Music Heritage Study Committee.


  • Music is a way rural Georgia can participate in the economic impact of the entertainment industry.
  • The music industry was successful first, a key reason that the film industry has been able to succeed.
  • Other states like Texas are doing more and Georgia is falling behind, Georgia is losing talent.
  • Transferability of credits will likely not be part of a 2023 bill.
  • A bill to establish a music office is likely.
  • When artists come to Georgia to complete projects there is a major impact locally.
  • Supporting music supports the creative pipeline throughout Georgia and there’s an opportunity to establish grants to get into the production side of both music and film.
  • If people get out and see the investment in Georgia, they will see what the overall impact is of the entertainment industry.

See the interview – scroll to the 18:23 mark – Here.

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