Ideas United (iU) is excited to launch a digital space to support their community of creatives. The platform finds opportunities in their field across a myriad of mediums. Led by a core team headquartered in Georgia, the iU Community was founded on the idea that everyone has a story to tell, from big name brands, universities, and nonprofits, to streaming content platforms, to individual members of their global and diverse network.

“The Ideas United Community is a global collective of talented, independent creators who produce the highest quality, dynamic work” says David Roemer, founder and CEO of Ideas United. “Our Core team in Georgia partners with the Community on such a wide variety of projects that leverage their varied passions and skills. Itʼs rewarding to collaborate with such a diverse network and it reminds me that a great artist can come from anywhere. Together, weʼre changing the way stories are told.”

The iU Community comprises producers, directors, designers, art directors, writers, ideators, editors, strategists, composers, web developers, data analysts, and everyone in between. By providing high quality, professional creatives with real income opportunities from trusted, established brands and fast, fair pay, Ideas United is able to pull leading talent at the drop of a hat for any content, experience, or campaign a client could request. Their unique model is a boon to todayʼs creative class with their increasingly independent spirit and means of production, whether theyʼre working solo or as a small business with other creators.

Available work comes in the form of long-term, short-term, or one-off opportunities. By connecting contemporary creators to projects, resources, and a global network of ambitious people who want to make cool stuff and provide our partners with work thatʼs scalable, diverse, and uncommonly good.

By finding and fostering top talent for twenty years, iU has built a network of 3,500 diverse storytellers working alongside over 50 in-house creatives. Together theyʼve been able to share stories across 50 states and over 60 countries around the world collaborating on projects for leading brands, institutions, and streaming platforms, including but not limited to Disney, Google, Everytown for Gun Safety, the Smithsonian, Warner Bros. Discovery, PlayStation, NCAA, ABC, CBS, and Emory University.

“We realized it wasnʼt enough to connect a Fortune 500 brand and an individual storyteller somewhere around the world and hope for the best,” says Roemer. “So we scaled our internal team to ensure we were providing the highest level of quality and consistency. Over time, weʼve found a pretty magical balance of the power of our community of creators and our exceptional full-time team members to tell stories like no one else.”

To join, all a creative entrepreneur has to do is create an account at and share their interests, skills, and background. On the Opportunities page the member will find current available gigs, contests, jobs, and more. While most opportunities are open to all creators, they can earn their way to Gold status and enjoy greater access. The more they do, the more access they gain. The more complete a memberʼs profile is, the easier it is for iU to find and recruit top talent.

The real benefit of the iU Community is that itʼs precisely through empowering independent artists that they best serve their mission of changing the way stories are told. Engaged iU Community members earn their way to the best gigs by doing their best work – a true meritocracy in which creative agency remains in the hands of the creators themselves. iU Community collaborators have the privilege of working with creators as diverse as their target audience.

“I have loved working with our Community members over the years and Iʼm excited to provide them with great jobs, connections, and resources through our collective,” says Vi Andrews, Community Lead at Ideas United. “The platform is just getting bigger and bigger and Iʼm thrilled I get to connect diverse and fascinating creatives with real career-building opportunities.”

As the iU Community grows, theyʼre looking ahead to bigger and better opportunities than ever in the coming year. If you want opportunities to build your creative career, earn fast, fair pay for your work, and access to a global, diverse, inclusive community to do it all with, nowʼs your chance. Head to to see what opportunities await you.

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