Legendary and Warner Bros‘ Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire stomped all over expectations with an $80M opening, the second best start of the year so far, $2.5M behind the $82.5M opening of Legendary’s other big pic this spring, Dune: Part Two. No one saw this coming. As we told you heading into the movie, the fifth Monsterverse titles gets the Legendary series across $2 billion in its domestic opening alone. International delivered $114M for a great $194M global start.

EntTelligence reports that GxK is expected to pull in more than 5.5M admissions this weekend, the most attended opening weekend for any movie YTD. The Adam Wingard directed movie, not including preview night, commanded 56% of all foot traffic and 89% of all premium format admissions. Imax and PLF drove 38% of the gross with 3D responsible for 19%.

This is easily the biggest opening ever for Wingard as we wonder what he’ll do next: is it Face Off or Thundercats?

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