Georgia News Network recently completed a feature for the radio station’s ongoing ‘Georgia Focus’ series on the state’s growing entertainment business. The program, highlighting business owners in Georgia, aired on 186 affiliate radio stations statewide.

‘Georgia Focus’ is a weekly 26-minute public affairs program covering issues of importance and interest to Georgians. Hosted by GNN’s John Clark, the program topics include government and political issues, non-profits, history, economic issues and charities.

On August 3rd, John visited the Georgia Unscripted Roadshow stop in Cobb County. These roadshow events, produced by Georgia Entertainment, highlight state’s creative economy and the impact of the entertainment industry in each community. This edition of ‘Georgia Focus ‘features:

  • Randy Davidson of Georgia Entertainment
  • Troy Linton of Story Mill Entertainment (Columbus, GA)
  • Mark Wofford of PC&E
  • Jon Gosier of FilmHedge
  • Will Ademak of Atlanta Craft Services
  • Roger Alexander of Super Sprinters Atlanta

Georgia Focus is a 4-time winner of the Best Public Affairs Program Award from the National Association of State Radio Networks and 2 Merit Awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

The full program is also online here.

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