The Georgia Latino Film Alliance (GALFA) is proud to announce a collaborative effort with the Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HoPe) and the passionate Blue Beetle Battalion to offer free movie tickets for the highly anticipated film, “Blue Beetle.” This unique partnership is part of the Blue Beetle Battalion’s campaign to support and promote the movie while showcasing their unwavering dedication to diversity, inclusion, and solidarity.

HoPe, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering high school students through leadership development, educational resources, and community service, is joining forces with GALFA and the Blue Beetle Battalion to provide an exceptional opportunity for students and film enthusiasts alike. The Blue Beetle Battalion, an enthusiastic group of fans who have taken it upon ourselves to champion the film, is demonstrating their commitment to the cause with heartwarming enthusiasm and giving an opportunity to students to have a family date afternoon.

Xolo Maridueña, the lead star of “Blue Beetle,” recently voiced his support for the Blue Beetle Battalion and their efforts in a heartfelt video. Maridueña explained that he would not be actively promoting the film due to his support for the ongoing SAG-AFTRA, WGA strike, but he commended the Battalion for their dedication and encouraged them to continue promoting the movie on his behalf.

Jose Marquez, CEO and Founder of GALFA, emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in the film industry. He stated, “This is a crucial moment for us to stand together and show our support for a film that features an all-Latino cast, a Latino director, and writer. We cannot let this opportunity slip away. The Blue Beetle  energy is inspiring, and we must rally behind them and make this film a success.”

Yvette Moise, President and Co-Founder of GALFA, added, “The Blue Beetle Battalion’s passion exemplifies the desire for films that represent a broader range of voices. They are not only advocating for the movie but also standing in solidarity with the actors.” “in this industry you get one shot, we have to make sure there are more opportunity for Blue Beetle to have more exposure and development of this story. ”

GALFA, a nonprofit organization committed to fostering Latino representation in the film industry, offers various initiatives and events that support Latino filmmakers and their stories. The Georgia Latino International Film Festival, one of GALFA’s flagship events, showcases exceptional independent films from around the world while celebrating the richness of Latino culture.

Blue Beetle Youth Day at the Movies is generously Sponsored by: The Law Office of Antonio Molina, Dominguez Chiropractic, Amigo Insurance, Abogado Antonio Molina, Atlas Spine & Rehab, and The Law Office of Judith Nusch.

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