Business owners and entertainment professionals from Columbus and beyond attended the Film Columbus GA virtual event on Wednesday, December 15th. The event, usually held live, connects entertainment professionals, artists and local businesses.

The meeting was facilitated by VisitColumbusGA and the Columbus Film Commission. “As 2021 ended and we look into the coming year we remain enthusiastic about entertainment activity in the region” said Joel Slocumb, Film Commissioner for the Columbus Film Commission. “There are many exciting projects we are working on and we were especially happy to hear optimistic commentary about the upcoming legislative session and initiatives in music that will benefit Columbus.”

Listen to the archive here.

– Mala Sharma talked about the evolving music industry in the state of Georgia including initiatives that will make music more prevalent in the region.

– With the legislative session on the horizon, Kelsey Moore and Nancy Palmer provided insight into potential laws that could impact the film, music and gaming industry.

Mr. Slocumb went on to say, “Our speakers for this event provided incredibly timely information for our audience and we want thank them for spending time with us. As music, gaming and film continue to converge we are proud to have leaders such as Mala, Nancy and Kelsey represent and advocate on all our behalf.”

The date for the next quarterly meeting will be announced soon.

Listen to the archive here.

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